Distinctly Caitlin Designs

Beautiful, handcrafted affirmation tokens. Designed to inspire women to look for the good in their everyday lives and create long lasting habits of positvity.

Did you know?

Did you know that all flowers have secret meanings? A hidden language of flowers. 

They can mean anything from the more traditional "love" (red Rose) to the much more nuanced "I love more than just your beauty" (Sweet Alyssum).

Each one of the flowers that inspires a Distinctly Caitlin Designs collection is carefully selected to infuse the right emotions and intentions into your token.  This means that each token has a little bit of magic and a deeper symbolic meaning. 

Covid-19 Update

I hope you are all managing to keep positive and are all doing your bit to help and support the eldery, the vulnerable and small businesses, as it will be a tough few months for everyone.

I work and live in France and although our lockdown is slowly being lifted I have decided to keep my extended production times.  This means if you order today I hope to get your order to you in 4 weeks. This will hopefully cover the extended time needed for the postal service, which is currently not running at full capacity. I will do my best to keep you as informed as possible about the progress of your order. 

We all need to do our part in curbing the spread and the most important thing to remember is to be compassionate and understanding to one another. xx