Dandelion Pendant

I was requested by a customer to design and make a pendant for a christening gift. The client wanted the design to have some link with the child's name, Polly. 

I found out that Polly means "little" or "humble" but the client didn't think that she wanted to promote those qualities so we looked at broader meanings. We found out that Polly is derived from Molly which is a derivative of Mariah or Miryam - thus "sea of bitterness" or "long wished for child". We went for "long wished for child", for obvious reasons!

I then looked in my trusty Flowerpaedia by Cheralyn Darcey  and found that the most obvious choice for "your wish is granted" was the Dandelion. It also means "long lasting happiness', "healing" and "warmth", so I felt like it was a great choice.

I love the final product. I think it is classic and delicate and will hopefully be a treasured memento for many years.

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