Sliver Peruvian Lily Coin Frame

Posted by Caitlin Harper on

This commission was so much fun! My customer was given this gold half sovereign by her grand father and it has been in a drawer ever since. She wanted it made into something she could wear and she said she loved my very flowery style.

I love the fact that all flowers have a meaning associated with them and so I looked in my trusty "Flowerpaedia" by Cheralyn Darcey and found that the Peruvian Lily means, among other things, wealth and success. I loved this for this piece as it speaks to the original use and value of the coin.

The customer loved this idea too and so I made this wonderful pendant.

If you have any ideas for a piece you would love to have made, please get in touch so I can make something special, with its own story, for you.

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