Tourmaline Necklace

When my best friend got married I was so honored to make her and her husband's rings (see earlier posts for details on these). She also asked me to make a bridesmaids gift for her sister to wear on the big day. 

The theme for her wedding was a beautiful sunset ombre. Dank blue, to purple, to pink to yellow. Luckily there is one stone that grows in the perfect graded tones. Tourmaline.

Tourmaline comes in many colours, from greens, to blacks, to purples, to yellows. I bought a string of them and used the best beads to create the perfect ombre for this piece. 

I suggested we use the Lisianthus flower for inspiration because it symbolizes weddings and gratitude. I made the flower out of a sheet of metal and formed it into the flower. I love that flowers have meanings, it is like a secret message that you are sending and I love adding layers of meanings to jewellery.

Here you can see the beautiful bride and her beautiful sister. 

Photo credit to their amazing photographer Andre.

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