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My name is Caitlin Harper, owner and founder of Distinctly Caitlin Designs, and handmade jewellery is my passion.

I have always been drawn to creating. I did every creative hobby as a child, from teddy bear making, to decoupage, to scrapbooking and beading. I knew I wouldn't be happy in anything less than a creative career.

I discovered the amazing, creative, sometimes frustrating, but always inspiring world of jewellery while still at high school. I had to do an essay for my art class on an art based career and I stumbled upon jewellery manufacturing. After doing just one day of job shadowing I was hooked and have never looked back. It was the perfect fit for me, creative and artistic but still quite analytical and has the need for skill and precision.

I went on to study for 4 years at the University of Johannesburg, in South Africa where I received my Bachelors Degree in Jewellery Design and Manufacture. After qualifying I went to work at 2 manufacturing workshops in Johannesburg over a 5 year period, before moving to France and setting up my own workshop.

The name Distinctly Caitlin Designs comes from the fact that I really wanted this brand to represent my personality and personal aesthetic. As you will see I am slightly obsessed with flowers and the colours that they bring into this world. Living in the Pyrenees mountains has only enhanced that obsession because I'm surrounded by flowers. I was always known for having flowery and Art Nouveau inspired designs while at university and I really wanted to embrace that. These inspirations have always been a constant for me. I really love what I make and I think that, the love comes through in the finished pieces.

All my pieces are made with precious metals. My collection pieces are sterling silver but I will work in gold if requested. I love to do commission work because each piece has a story and a reason for its creation. You can read about the commission work that I have done and the story of each piece on my "Commissions" blog page.
I get so much joy out of my job. I am so incredibly lucky and grateful to have this amazing career. I hope when customers wear my pieces they get as much enjoyment from the pieces as I did while designing and making them.