FAQ's and Packaging

What metal are the pieces made from?

All my pieces are hand made by me from precious metals. Most of the pieces on the site are silver but I will work in gold, platinum and palladium on request.

What is Vitreous enamel? 

Vitreous enamel is simply a thin layer of glass fused at high temperatures onto a metal surface. I use a very fine powered glass and place the glass into the cells I have formed when cutting out the flower images. This is then fired at 740 degrees Celsius, the powder melts, flows, and then hardens to a smooth, durable vitrous glass pane. The word comes from the Latin vitreum, meaning "glass". This particular enameling technique is called Plique-à-jour

Why can't I see the colours as brightly when wearing the piece?

The enamel technique called Plique-à-jour acts in a similar way to stain glass and so the true colours of the enamels are only revealed when a light shines through them. This makes these pieces personal and private. Only the wearer knows the true beauty of the piece. It also makes them a talking point if the wearer chooses to show people the true colours and explain the meaning behind it

Why does my piece not look exactly like the picture?

My pieces are all hand made with love and care and due to this fact not all the pieces will be identical. They are all unique and beautiful.

Do you do custom orders?

I do. Please contact me on distinctlycaitlindesigns@gmail.com to discuss what you would like. 

Please make sure your ring size is correct for any custom orders. The size cannot be changed once the ring is made.

I do NOT accept cancellations with regards to custom orders and a 50% deposit must be paid before any work can begin.

How long does it take for a piece to be delivered?

Please see my shipping information in Terms and Conditions.

How is the piece packaged? Can it be sent as a gift?

The packaging makes for a perfect gift! If you would like the piece to be sent straight to the recipient please use their address when ordering and let me know of this in an email distinctlycaitlindesigns@gmail.com


All pieces are secured to card which has the matching watercolour flower design on the front and the affirmations on the back so that you won't forget them.

The card and piece is then wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a biodegradable cardboard box.


The box is then put in a padded envelope to keep it safe during shipping.

I try to make my packaging as eco-friendly and as reusable as possible.

How do I look after my pieces from Distinctly Caitlin Designs

Care Instructions

- Jewellery is delicate and should be treated with a delicate touch.

- Avoid wearing jewellery in chlorinated water (shower, bath, pool). The chemicals will tarnish the silver.

- Avoid wearing jewellery in the sea. The salt will tarnish the silver.

- To avoid tarnishing (Oxidation), do not keep your jewellery in the bathroom, this will speed up the oxidation process and minimize contact with lotions, perfumes and hairsprays.

- Remove all jewellery before sleeping to avoid damage and scratching.

- The best way to prevent tarnishing is to store jewellery in a dry, airtight container and to keep items separate to avoid tangling and scratching.

- Do not clean intentionally oxidized pieces with liquid jewellery cleaner. This will remove the oxidation. Buff it gently with a jewellery cloth. These can be purchased from most bead or jewellery stores.

- To clean all silver jewellery gently brush with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. DO NOT use any chemicals.